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Remains of the original Boardwalk, 1999
The Boardwalk, 1964 earthquake

July 4 Festival & Parade
Macy's Day Parade, eat your heart out !
Seldovia grows to 3000 people on July 4th

Otterbahn Trail
Trail starts at the school & ends at Outside Beach
Beautiful walkway near the end of the trail

Outside Beach
Beautiful beaches
Tide pools and spectacular views

Russian Orthodox Church
St. Nicholas was built in 1891.
Early 1900's interior (courtesy Anch Museum Art)

Color, color, color . . .
A photographers dreamland.

SVT Museum & Gift Shop
Chesloknu Foods
SVT kitchen and gift shop. SVT will purchase your local berries. You need a permit to enter SVT land.

Univ of Alaska - Kasitsna Bay
Location map (courtesy of Univ. of Alaska)
Kasitsna Bay marine research facility

Iliamna Volcano
Augustine Island

Whale Watching
Gray whale going for the bottom . . .
Pod of Gray whales