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ACS Internet Services Page
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DSL High Speed Internet Access
ACS has finally worked out a way to offer high speed DSL internet service in Seldovia and vacinity. THANK YOU ACS! Here are the details:
• Unlimited full time internet access through a DSL modem.
• There is a single limitation with DSL connections: the phone line between your house and the ACS microwave dish in town (on the hill across from the school) can not be more than 18,000 feet. This is a limitation of DSL, NOT ACS.
• DSL service piggybacks on top of your existing ACS telephone line and does NOT require an additional phone line. So if you are currently using a second phone line in your house for your internet connection, you can cancel the phone line AND your ACS dialup service once you have the DSL connection (these two items by themselves will almost cover the monthly cost of the DSL !!!) Voice and internet can be used at the same time with not interference.
• A free dialup account is included with your DSL package (this is very useful for those people who travel and want to connect to the internet with their laptop while out of town.)
• No up front charges! The user does not purchase the DSL modem, it is "on loan" from ACS as part of the package. Your computer must have either a LAN port or a USB port. Note that ACS dos NOT install the DSL modem on your system, that is your responsibility. However, the installation should be very simple and I'm sure phone support is available through ACS.
• 1st months service is FREE
• 1 email address is included
There are two different speed packages available:
320k downlink speed with 80k uplink speed - $49.00/month
320k downlink speed with 240k uplink speed - $54.95/month
(with the $54.95 package you also get a second email address and 5 megabytes of webpage space for your own web site)
If your telephone service uses ACS as the long distance carrier, you can get a $10/month discount on either package.
Static IP addresses are available, if you need one, for an additional $10/month (if you don't know what this is, you don't need it.)
Call ACS Internet Services 888-690-1930 to order the service, they are open 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.
Personal Note: Folks, I have to tell you that myself and several other people in Seldovia have been pushing ACS for the past 6 years to get some kind of high speed internet service into Seldovia. I had all but given up on them. This DSL package is superb and far exceeds anything I could have hoped for in terms of speed and cost.

Satellite Internet
Satellite systems are available throu Hugh Smith (907-234-7678) in Seldovia and the hardware and service are by Starband. Click here for Starband website
• Initial hardware cost and installation runs about $2000. The system must be installed by an authorized dealer and Hugh Smith is an authorized dealer.
• Monthly costs through Startband are based on 1, 3 and 5 user licenses
(1 user=$70/month; 3 user=$130/month; 5 user=$170/month Details, click here
• Satellite systems can be install just about anywhere as long as the dish has a line of site shot at the satellite. Bearing=southeast to southwest, Elevation=20 to 50 deg.
• Downlink speeds are very fast and can exceed 1megabit/second; Uplink speeds average about 30k/second (about the same as a Seldovia based dialup modem). If you are just surfing the web satellite works great, if you want to play internet games or connect realtime to servers through pcAnywhere, etc, forget it, uplink is too slow.

Dialup Modem
Dialup internet in Seldovia is barely acceptable. Connections are poor; in town speeds rarely get to 48k and out of town speeds are usually 28k; lost connections are common.
ACS Dialup Account: 56k modem connection, 2 email addresses, and 5 meg of web space. Cost is approximately $20/month. If your telephone service uses ACS as the long distance carrier, you can get a $10/month discount. ACS dialup seems to be very sensitive to the brand of modem. We have had had very good luck with Diamond Multimedia Supra 56k modems. Click here for ACS Home Page
Homer Net: 56k modem connection, 3 email addresses, and 5 meg of web space. Cost is $19.95/month or $16.66/month if you pay for a year in advance ($199.95). We have no firsthand experiece with this service. 907-235-9373. Click here for HomerNet Home Page
AT&T Worldnet: up to 56k connection, email address, web space, NO LOCAL DIALUP NUMBER. You must access through an 800 number account or long distance call to Soldotna. $16.95 to $21.95/month. Not a good solution. Click here for AT&T Worldnet Homer Page


Telephone Service

Standard residential and business telephone service
Alaska Communications Systems (ACS)
- Most features that are availaible in large towns are also available in Seldovia, such as call forwarding, call waiting, call restriction, caller ID, 3-way calling, speed calling, auto call back, call blocking, distinctive rining, voice mail, etc.
Residential Service: 800-478-7121 (or dial 811 on any local phone)
Business Service: 800-478-3081

Cellular Service
City of Seldovia has cellular service! If you use ACS services, you have reception, all the time, most anywhere in town. ACS uses Verizon for the long distance/out of state service, so as a result, if you use Verizon, you will also receive good service here in Seldovia. If you are with another provider, you will have to go to a location like Outside Beach to connect through cell sites in Homer. If you live out the road and have line of site to Homer, you can get a great cell connection. Internet dialup through a cell phone is expensive and very slow.
AT&T has digital cell service in much of the populated areas of the Kenai Peninsula.

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