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Regional Seldovia map
Walking Map of Seldovia
    (394k - 8"x11", view=86 sec,
    then print from your browser)
Download a pdf version of the
    Walking Map (452k - 8-1/2"x11")
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Land Status map
Seldovia area map prepared by the BLM for the April 2000 meeting on 17b Easements.
679k - SLOW viewing

Aerial Photos SOV Airport
FAA 1996

Oblique North
Oblique East

Seldovia Topographic Sheets
(download zipped tiff images)

View index of available topos
B-4, 1:63,360 (size 2.5m)
B-5, 1:63,360 (size 2.7m)
B-6, 1:63,360 (size 3.4m)
B-5NE, 1:25,000 (size 3.6m)
B-5NW, 1:25,000 (size 4.2m)
B-5SE, 1:25,000 (size )
B-5SW, 1:25,000 (size 2.5m)
B-6NE, 1:25,000 (size 4.0m)
B-6NW, 1:25,000 (size )
B-6SE, 1:25,000 (size 3.9m)
B-6SW, 1:25,000 (size )
C-4, 1:63,360 (size 2.8m)

C-5, 1:63,360 (size 1.9m)
#5-2; 1:250:000 (size 9.3m)

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Seldovia 1944
Photo courtesy of Bruce Estus

Seldovia Today
Photo courtesy of Kirby & Lynn Corwin (Click here...)