Seldovia Medical Clinic

Dr. Larry Reynolds
Lawrence (Larry) Reynolds, M.D.
General Practitioner
• Flew his own plane, a 1946 Stinson, to Homer to see his patients (if necessary, on a daily basis) Today he flies commercially.
• Member of Infection Control Board in Homer
• Head of Seldovia EMT Program
• Member of the Hospital Board in Homer
• Graduate of Notre Dame University, and then graduated Creighton School of Medicine in 1970.
• Dr. Reynolds - an avid skier
• Dr. Reynolds and Cheryl built their own home on a point overlooking Kachemak Bay
• Cheryl and Dr. Reynolds have reared 2 children in Seldovia

Physical Address
252 Seldovia Street, Seldovia AK
Mailing Address
PO Drawer J, Seldovia, AK 99663

Phone: 907-234-7825
Dr. Reynolds residence: 907-234-7697
Cheryl Reynolds - Administration
M-W-F 9:00 am to noon & 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

(Call for appointments)
Facility & Services
blood work
exam room
emergency room
reception area
Back bedroom is for those patients
who may have to stay overnight
when the weather is bad !

MasterCard and Visa accepted


Seldovia Clinic, March 2000

Seldovia Clinic was opened in 1980

Reception Counter at the Seldovia Medical Clinic

Inside the Reception Area
(Cheryl Reynolds is usually there)

Other Medical Services
EMERGENCY SERVICES - EMS (see below) Dial 911
Crisis Line/Help Line (24 hours) 907-235-8101

Emergency Preparedness -- if you have come to this page, you need to visit this link!
Poison Control Center
PO Box 196604
Anchorage AK 99516-6604
Poison Emergency Phone:
(800) 478-3193
or (907) 261-3193
Ambulance/ EMS: Ambulance - EMT Chief is Shad Haller Drivers: Mike Webber, Mike Driscol, Pete Wilber
EMT IIIs: Lisa O'Leary, Alix Chartier, Debbie Hecks
EMT IIs: Mary Jo Stanley, Gerry Patrick, Sera Baxter, Bobby Gese, Tim O'Leary
Steve Pollack, Pete Wilber
ETTs: Bobbi Sweatt
Medical Director: Dr. Larry Reynolds, M.D.
Dispatch Chief: Darlene Crawford
Community First Aid and CPR offered periodically, as well as AHA BLS for the Health Care Provider.
Other classes include ETT, ETT/EMTI Bridge, and EMT I. Continuing education for the health care providers includes AHA PALS, ACLS and a variety of pre-hospital care classes, including PEPP and PHTLS. Many community services are offered, including free bicycle helmets and car seat checks for residents. There is a chimney brush loan program, as well as a carbon monoxide detector loan program. "Alarm Alaska" has funded smoke alarms for the community, which will be arriving shortly. The smoke alarms are free to local homes, installation included. Fire extinguishers are available at the fire hall, at cost. Administrative funding for this position is through the Seldovia Village Tribe. The ambulance is certified with the State of Alaska as a "Basic Life Support Ambulance with Advanced Life Support sometimes available."

Kenai Peninsula Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc.The Kenai Peninsula EMS Council (organized in 1984) has representatives from all EMS providers and hospitals in the Kenai Peninsula Borough and works with all emergency services agencies. Their mission statement is "Improved public service through coordination, cooperation and communication." The Council meets the second Friday of every other month. All meetings are open to the public.
Visit the Emergency Preparedness -- to prepare your family for a disaster situation. Emergency Sirens: The Kenai Peninsula Borough tests the sirens on top of the fire station every first Thursday of the month around noontime. The sirens are activated from Soldotna, but can be activated from Seldovia as well.

Gerald Stranik, DDS

Graduate of Creighton Univ. in 1972 (dentist)
Lives in Anchorage but services Seldovia
234-7871 (Emergencies 234-2060 Home)
There is a small suite in the Seldovia Clinic for dental work.
No set hours
Public Health Nurse
Homer Public Health Center

Call: 235-8857

Homer Air will fly your prescription from Homer to Seldovia for free. THANK YOU HOMER AIR!

Prescriptions can be picked up here in Seldovia at the Herring Bay Mercantile on Main Street - Call Monty at 234-5500

To order your prescription, call:

Ulmer's Pharmacy:
(located in Homer)
Safeway Grocery & Pharmacy:
(located in Homer)

Other Medical Related Areas
SVTPP- Seldovia Village Tribe Prevention Program

South Peninsula Women's Services
Contact Homer: 235-7712
24 Hour crisis line 235-8101

SVT - Debbie Hecks - Local Community Health Representative.Takes blood pressure, does social services, home visits to the elderly, etc. Call the SVT, 234-7898, for more information. Also, the elderly can contact the SVT (Manager of Senior Citizen Nutrition program) for help with household chores.
Community Mental Health
Homer office 235-7701
24 Hour crisis line 235-8101

Ralph Broshes, DVM
Dr. McCollum, DVM

There are no veterinarian services in Seldovia.
The closest doctor is in Homer
326 Woodside Ave, Homer, 99603
The Veterinarian periodically comes to Seldovia for a short day clinic.

Swimming Lessons - provided by SVT during the summer. Learn to Swim and survive.
Kids Don't Float! Use PDFs and learn to swim!

Massage Therapy, Sarah LaQue of Homer
235-7854 (Office) for appointment
235-9015 (Home)
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