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? Where is Seldovia?
Answer: Seldovia is located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, about 250 miles south of Anchorage, 17 miles across the Kachemak Bay from Homer.

?How many people live in Seldovia?
Answer: Last count, around 306 people. Maybe the 2000 U.S. Census will give a higher count! However, the census is to be taken for April 1, 2000 and the town grows in the summer and thins out in the winter.

?How do you get to Seldovia?
Answer: By boat or by airplane (unless you are a very good and fast swimmer).
There are no roads leading in or out of Seldovia. The city is accessible only by air or water. Seldovia does not even have a traffic light (hurrah!!!!) and there are very few paved streets.

?What kind of fish can you catch in Seldovia?
Answer: halibut, salmon, cod, black bass, clams. Kachemak Bay also has crab.

?Do you have washing machines and dryers in Seldovia?
Answer: Yes. We have all the conveniences.

? How much snow do you get?
Answer: Enough! We can get up to 17 feet in town during the winter.

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