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Whether you're adventuresome or desire the ultimate in serenity,
Seldovia holds a world of entertainment for everyone.
Try it, you'll like it.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

Electric Vehicle Rental @ Harbor's Edge

This is a great way to see the sights around our area that are just too far away to walk to. Also, they are a great way to get around town if you have baggage or are just not inclined to walk. Our vehicles are electric and offer the benefits of no engine noise, no exhaust fumes and they have a 40 to 50 mile range. Seldovia has about 15 miles of roads so they are great for getting you to areas where you can park and explore off road areas on foot. Hourly and daily rentals available.

Phone : 907-399-3195

Visit our web site

Outside Beach and many other areas are great locations to look for treasures that have washed in from the Gulf of Alaska (particularly after a big storm). There is an abundance of shells, drift wood, tide pools, and unusual rocks. If you're an avid beachcomber, charter a boat and scavenge some of the remote beaches of Kachemak Bay.

Outside Beach

Salmonberries as big as a baseball . . . almost

Berry Picking
There's nothing so flavorful as the jams and jellies made with Seldovia's wild berries. Wild blueberries, salmonberries and highbush cranberries grow in Seldovia in abundance. Other berries such as trailing raspberries and cloudberries are more sparse, but are available. If you come here to pick berries on the privately held lands in the area, you will need permission to do so. Permits are easily obtained from the SVT offices . You can watch wild berries being processed into jams and jellies through a window into the kitchens of the Chesloknu Berry Plant and Gift Shop on the south side of the Main Street Seldovia Village Tribe building. Chesloknu Berry Plant

Locals and tourists both enjoy biking in the Seldovia area. There are many places to mountain bike as well as just puttering around town. Bike rentals are available at the Seldovia Boardwalk Hotel. If you want to bring your own bike, the Tustumena ferry does allow walk-ons. Call for the Seldovia AMHS Ferry office for details and tickets.

For the hearty biker, the 15 mile road from Seldovia to Jakolof Bay is a true adventure. Mountain bikers can continue on from Jakolof Bay out to Red Mountain.

Bird & Critter Watching
Bring your your binoculars and bring your camera!
The Seldovia area has a resident population of approximately 50 Bald Eagles and they are nothing short of amazing to watch (especially during a salmon run up the slough). There are countless places to observe a wide variety of other birds and animals. Look for stellar jays, pine siskins, crows, pheasants, ducks, magpies, blue herons, seagulls, ravens, otters, seals, whales, moose, black bear, zillions of fish, and much, much more.

Click here for photos of some of the local beasties.
Bald Eagle

This shot really is in Kachemak Bay!

Boating opens up a whole new world to explore in Alaska. (There are a few hearty folks like the ones in this picture, but the rest of us stick with sea worthy power boats.) Seldovia has a nice harbor and transient space is normally available (call the Harbor Master). Charter boats are available for fishing and site seeing.

Although boating in Kachemak Bay is not as dangerous as Bering Sea crabbing, it does require training and experience. Cold water, 20+ foot tides and weather can quickly get the amateur in a life threatening situation.

Camping and RVs
Tent camping is available at Outside Beach and there is beautiful RV park.

For more information on RV Park

For more information on Camping

Clamming at McDonald Spit
You just haven't lived until you've eaten a bucket of fresh steamed Seldovia clams . . .
Available clams include butter clams, horse clams, cockles, blue mussels and steamer clams. You can dig for clams at low tide (preferably a minus tide) at Jakolof Bay, Tutka Bay, and Kasitsna Bay.
An Alaska Sports Fishing License is required for clam digging, so pick one up at the grocery store first.
Location Map

Classes & Workshops
Seldovia Village Tribe (SVTPP), Seldovia Arts Council and other groups sponsor a large variety of classes all year long. Everyone is invited and some classes have nominal fees.

Examples of past classes include: Skin Sewing, Digital Imaging, Elementary Forensics, EMT Training, First Aid, Volunteer Fireman, Art, Carpentry, SOS Oil Spill Response, Swimming, Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Quilt Making, Ballet, Ceramics, Bead Work, Lumber Milling, just to name a few. Workshops have included
biologist and wildlife author Jeff Fair and Sitka mystery author John Straley. •

Arctic Chamber Orchestra, Fairbanks
Concerts & Performances
Seldovia is fortunate to have a very active Arts Council and they bring in many artists all year long to perform. Past guests have included the Arctic Chamber Orchestra from Fairbanks, the pianist George Winston, and mime and clown Pam Pulverand . In the true spirit of small town life, members of many groups like the Arctic Chamber Orchestra are housed by the local residents.

Is there life after Seldovia? Not if you've fished her waters! There are Halibut, King Salmon, Coho Salmon (silver), Sockeye Salmon (red), Pink Salmon (humpies), Chum Salmon (dog), Jacks, Tyee, Dolly Varden, Steelhead, Pollack, Cod, Rainbow Trout, Artic Char, Manta Ray, Black Bass, Shark, Skate, . . . even Irish Lords.
How do you get some of these fabulous Seldovia fish?
Charter a boat
Fish from shore or the docks
Sign up to crew on a commercial boat (if you're brave)
• Beg and grovel (a VERY good friend is necessary) •
Are Irish Lords good to eat?

Whether you own a plane or charter, exploring Alaska by air is nothing short of breathtaking. Many charter companies have plane configured with balloon tires so they can land on beaches! Helicopter tours are available in most of the larger towns.

The Seldovia Airport has a well maintained, heavily used 1850 foot gravel runway with free tiedowns but fuel up in Homer or Kenai before you come.

There are lots of hiking trails in the Seldovia area. One of the most famous is the beautiful Otterbahn trail to Outside Beach (picture on right). You can also hike to the Upper Reservoir, to Red Mountain, and many sites.

SVTPP sponsors many different skill levels of hikes during the summer. Contact them about their summer programs at 907-234-7807. •

Location Map
The jungles of Seldovia?

This may not be olympic form, but it's fun!

Seldovia Bay and the coast lines of Kachemak Bay provide a beautiful setting for the kayaker (amateur to advanced).
Rent a sea kayak from Lynn or Kirby at Kayak 'Atak in Seldovia at the Herring Bay Mercantile store
. Training and guides are available and in the summer, 5-6 hour tours of the area are available, depending on the weather.

Training may be required - sea kayaking isn't like taking the family canoe out for a weekend excursion at the lake.

Almost nothing stops a good picnic in Seldovia! Sunshine, rain, fog, and snow are all just part of daily Alaskan life. Pavilion, picnic tables, parking and public restrooms are available at Outside Beach. Stop at one of the grocery stores in town for charcoal or wood before you head out because wood cutting at Outside Beach is prohibited. Don't forget the hot dogs and marshmallows!

Trash cans are located near most of the picnic tables, USE THEM! Help keep our town and beaches clean.
Nothing like a plate of weeners and beans

Potlucks and Dinners
All during the year, a variety of groups in Seldovia sponsor dinners, potlucks and fund raisers. Visitors are welcome to attend. For up to date info, check out the bulletin board in the Post Office. The following are some of the past events:
• Senior Class Mexican Dinner & Pizza Day
Seldovia Bible Chapel Potlucks - 1st Sunday in each month
SVTPP Potlucks
Lakeside Terrace Lunch

Come and enjoy the fun !

Men's Basketball: Thursday & Sunday
Women's Basketball: Tuesday & Friday
Volleyball: Monday & Wednesday
Susan B. English School: Boys & Girls Basketball
Susan B. English School: Wrestling
Susan B. English School: Swimming

Jakolof Bay in the Fall

In addition to the sights listed on the Attractions Page , there are a lifetime of adventures and photo opportunities in the Seldovia area. Every season has it's own flavor and beauty:
Spring - rain and flowers, eagles hunt the salmon runs
Summer - festivals, fishing, boating, sun, sun, sun
Fall - world class colors, critters stocking up for winter
Winter - deep snows, eagles come in for food

Skiing & Snow Shoeing
Although there are no ski resorts in Seldovia, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and snow machines are very popular in the winter. Many of the locals are serious cross country skiers and enjoy a time of the year which is unsurpassed in its peace and quiet. Snow shoes and cross country skis are for rent at SVTPP, so call 907-234-7807 if you are interested.

By the way, that little stump coming out of the snow is the TOP of Olson's home TV antenna! April 98 - Uff Da!
And yes, the TV still worked! •
Snowshoeing is great fun!

Swimming Pool
During the school year, the olympic size swimming pool at Susan B. English school in tiptop shape for use by the school children and the locals. Call the school for public swim hours at 907-234-7616 or check Post Office bulletin board. Adult and kid swim times are available.

And if nothing else . . .
do nothing else . . .
but enjoy the sunsets . . .
or else!

This needs to be you!