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Susan B. English School
Mailing Address: PO Box 171, Seldovia AK 99663
Physical Address: 365 Winifred Avenue
Phone: (907) 234-7616
(Kindergarden through 12th Grades)
Build in 1971, first classes on August 30, 1972
School facilities include classrooms, office, cafeteria area, computer room, library, gymnasium, and swimming pool. The grounds have a tennis court, large shop building and a large fenced ball field._ Named after Susan B. English, Seldovia's Postmistress from 1925 to 1968 and town librarian. The Susan B. English School is not the first school in Seldovia; however, some local residents still refer to it as "the new school." The first official school was held in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Disclaimer: The content and pictures contained on this website, and more particularly, on the pages concerning the Susan B. English School are a product of the citizens of the community of Seldovia. The Kenai Peninsula School District and its employees, are not responsible for its content or design. This site is solely for the enjoyment and benefit of the community.
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Sherri Hingley

Graduated from a college in Kentucky with a teaching degree. Has been an elementary teacher for 25 years. Came to Seldovia with her husband, Monty, from Troy, Montana.

Karen Bornheimer
Teacher K – 3rd Grades
Karen was born in Athens, Wisconsin. She came to Alaska in 1985 for a visit and never went back! She lived in Nikiski, then Homer in 1988 and came to Seldovia in 1998. Before working at SBE, she was an interpreter for the deaf for 11 years for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Karen is certified to teach K thru 8 grade and has been in the educational system for 19 years.Karen once took a two-year break from teaching to run a hotel. She missed teaching so much she returned. Karen is a passionate quilter, whenever time allows. She is also an avid reader.

Tim Winters
Math and Science Teacher

Born in Rochester, NY
Tim graduated from Geneseo State Univ. with this being his third year teaching. Tim taught high school math students in the Pavillion Central School District for one year before moving to Seldovia. He has enjoyed exclusively teaching math and science this year as he feels those are his strongest subjects. He may help with the coaching of the wrestling and basketball teams. He loves to watch a great, New York Giants football game! Tim loves to go hiking and pursue outdoor activities; including some future hunting trips.

Damara Burnett
Multicultural Alaskan
World English

Comes from Michigan
Degree - English Educator
Damara is married to Andy Lorentz and they have built their own home on Jakolof Bay Road.

Sandy Gaegel
School Secretary

Born in Chester, IL
Ms. Geagel has been the school secretary for 24 years running! We sure appreciate her continued commitment to our great school.Hobby: Sandy would love to one day write and develop Sunday School Curriculum. She would also like to pursue her interest in pottery (with a focus on hand sculpting and design).

.Vivian Rojas
Title VII Aide

Born in San Diego, CA Vivian has been in and out of Seldovia for the last 31 years and has been an aide here at SBE since 1996. She has also added pool manager to her list of endeavors. Prior to being an aide at SBE she pursued careers in both sheep-shearing and pipeline construction. Hobby: Vivian loves to travel and experience as many diverse cultures as possible.
Ronene Gain

orn in Fresno, CA
Ronene is a long-time Seldovia resident having lived her since 1970. She has worked for SBE in different capacities for the last seven years with the last three being an aide. Hobby: Ronene likes to sew and travel in her free time.
Dan Blodgett
Wrestling Coach

Born in Bellevue, WA
Dan began work at an early age at his dad’s gas station/car wash store. Dan served in the US Navy for 7.5 years. He has experience as contractor in custom home buiding. He now is the owner of the Seldovia Fuel & Lube. Dan was a six-year wrestler (6 th grade through senior years), and has 11 years accumulative coaching experience with three years specific to wrestling (Dan has coached freestyle and collegiate). Dan loves to hunt and fish and would take an extended trip to do both in the Illiamna area.
Dede Higman
Special Ed Aide

Dede was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dede came to Seldovia in 1977. Dede was a short-term teaching aid last spring and now is with the aide position. Before SBE, Dede worked at the SVT as an administrator in their substance abuse program. Throughout her years in Seldovia, Dede has been involved with different art projects and community activities. At one time she was a cannery worker. Dede is a professional potter. She informally supervises a pottery class for adults on Thursdays and for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club on Mondays from 3:30 to 5:30. She also loves to garden.
Rene Purpura

Born in Homer, AK
This is a new job for Rene. Prior to this she worked as a commercial fisherwoman for 22 seasons set-netting salmon.The family moved here in May of 2000.Hobby: Rene loves to bike-ride when time allows and thinks berry picking is a great too
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