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All campers must register at City Offices
RV Park and Campground
Lodging in Hotels, B&Bs, etc

Travel connections to Seldovia

Tent and Day Camper facilities are located at Outside Beach. Take Jakolof Road from Seldovia, go approximately 1 mile, turn left on road just after the old Missionary Baptist Church building, this road will lead you to Outside Beach.
All campers must register and pay a small daily usage fee at the City Offices.
New In 2006: "Mr. Ernest Lillo will be the summer care-taker of the RV Park. His duties include insuring that the proper camping fee has been paid to the City as well as general oversight of activities at the Park (to include monitoring the walking trail and the RV Park road). Please show him proper respect and remember that he is acting as the on-site City representative."
by Kurk Reynertson, City Manager

If you need to pay your Tent Fees, just go to the RV Park and look for Mr. Lillo if the City Offices are closed. The RV Park is located on the hill above the Outside Beach, just take the road to the RV Park by following the road near the beach and up the hill. Nice little hike!

Facilities available at Outside Beach include a public restroom. No showers.
Picnic Pavillion (click on picture for larger image) Views of Mt. Illiamna and Mt. Redoubt
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We Seldovians believe the public beach at Outside Beach is one of the most beautiful places!
Beachcombing is great fun! (no larger pict) Views of Mt. Illiamna and Mt. Redoubt
(no larger pict)

Multiple camp sites on shore or in the woods
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Tables & campsites
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