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Seldovia Demographics
Town established: late 1800's • City Incorporated: 1945 • Kenai Peninsula Borough
2000 Census: 284 in-town residents, 100+ out-of-town residents, 50 resident eagles
Annual Precipitation: 34.5 inches; Snow accumulation in 1999 approximately 17 feet
Normal Summer Temperatures: 40° to 65° F; Winter lows to -10° F
Tide Variations in the Seldovia Area: minus 5 feet to plus 22 feet, more information
6 retail stores, 6 charter boats, 5 eateries, 20 lodgings, 1 laundromat
2 grocery stores, 1 gas station, 1 bars, 3 churches, 1 school
1 doctor, 1 dentist, no lawyers, 2 realtors, 3 general contractors, 1 cement truck

Arriving in Seldovia
When you visit Seldovia, you will arrive through the SOV Airport, the Seldovia Harbor, the AMHS Ferry Dock, or the Jakolof Bay Dock. Although there are no highways to Seldovia, you can bring your car to town on the M/V Tustumena Ferry.
If you need a location map, click here.

Jakolof Bay Dock

Seldovia's harbor provides the town with a vital link between work, recreation and local access. Transient space is usually available for visitors, call the Harbor Master.

Main Street
Main Street parallels the waterfront and runs the full north-south length of the town. We are very pleased to inform you that there are NO traffic lights in Seldovia!

Main Street in the Fall
Main Street in the Winter . . . with roller blades?

Home Sweet Home
Big or small, there's no place like home. Realtors

Spectacular Views
Unusual Designs
Unusual Locations

Business Community
Seldovia has a nice mix of businesses, which support both the local community and the tourist trade. There are no banks, auto dealers, attorneys, movie theaters, or super stores.

Charter Boat Fishing
Commercial Fishing Boats
Fuel Depot
Grocery Stores
Lodging in Seldovia

Merchants & Services
Post Office
Restaurants in Seldovia
Seldovia Village Tribe

Community Services
Seldovia is very fortunate to have virtually all of the basic services a small community needs.

Power Plant
Water & Sewer
Snow Removal

Boat Haul-Out
Boat Wash-Down
Boat Storage
Boat Grid

Community Hall
Lakeside Terrace

Sunsets "To die for"

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