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Alaska Weather
NOAA Alaska Weather
Radar - Temps & Fronts, WeatherSite.com
Wave Height Maps, Navy

Satellite - N. Pacific, Infrared, EarthWatch
Satellite - N. Pacific, EarthWatch
Satellite - NOAA 12 AK Infrared 1
Satellite - NOAA 12 AK Infrared 2
Satellite - NOAA 12 Bering Straight1 Infrared
Satellite - NOAA 12 Bering Straight2 Infrared
Satellite - GEOS 10 AK 1 Infrared
Satellite - GEOS 10 AK 2 Infrared
Satellite - GEOS 10 AK 1 Visible
Satellite - GEOS 10 AK 2 Visible
Satellite - GEOS 10 AK 1 Water Vapor
Satellite - GEOW 10 AK 2 Water Vapor

Lower 48 USA Weather
US National Weather Service

EarthWatch Skywatch

Sat - Infrared, NASA
Sat - Water Vapor, NASA
Sat - Visible, NASA
Local Weather Forcasts

Major Weather Sites

GEOS Project Science
NASA Global Hydrology & Climate Center
Navy Meteorology Center
Navy Wave Height Maps
Space Science and Engineering Center
US National Weather Service
World Meteorological Organization


Current Sea Conditions - Alaska

Bering Sea Offshore
Gulf of Alaska Offshore
Area 1A1. Lynn Canal and Glacier Bay
Area 1A2. Icy Strait and Cross Sound
Area 1A3. Stephens Passage, Chatham Strait, Frederick Sound, Sumner Strait
Area 1B. Southeast Alaska, Outside Waters, Dixon Entrance to Cape Fairweather
Area 2A. Northeastern Gulf Coast, Cape Fairweather to Cape Suckling
Area 2A1. Yakutat Bay
Area 2B. North Gulf Coast, Cape Suckling to Gore Point
Area 2B1. Resurrection Bay
Area 2C. Prince William Sound
Area 2C1. Port Valdez
Area 2C2. Valdez Narrows - Area 2C3. Valdez Arm
Area 2C4. Passage Canal
Area 3A. Barren Island and Kamishak Bay Waters
Area 3B. Shuyak Island to Sitkinak
Area 3B2. Marmot Bay - Area 3B1. Chiniak Bay
Area 3C. Shelikof Strait
Area 4. Cook Inlet North of Kamishak Bay and English Bay
Area 4A. Kachemak Bay
Area 5A. Coastal Waters south of the Alaska Peninsula, Sitkinak to Castle Cape
Area 5B. Cape Sarichef to Castle Cape
Area 6A. Bristol Bay, north portion from Cape Newenham to Port Heiden
Area 6B. Bristol Bay, south portion from Port Heiden to Cape Sarichef
Area 8. Cape Newenham to Dall Point Area 9A. Norton Sound, Sledge Island to Stuart Island
Area 9B. Dall Point to Wales, Including St. Lawrence Island waters
Area 10A. Kotzebue Sound (East of Cape Espenberg and Cape Krusenstern)
Area 10B. Wales to Cape Lisburne
Area 11A. Arctic Coast, Cape Lisburne to Lonely
Area 11B. Arctic Coast, Cape Lonely to Demarcation Point
Area 12A. Eastern Aleutian Island Cape Sarichef to Nikolski
Area 12B. Eastern Aleutian Islands, Nikolski to Adak
Area 12A1. Unalaska Bay
Area 13. Western Aleutian Islands, Adak to Attu
Area 14. St. Matthew Island waters
Area 15. Pribilof Islands Near-shore Waters

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