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Loading your vehicle on the M/V Tustumena is an adventure!
If you are a walk-on with a bicycle, ask one of the workers for instructions.

An AMHS employee will guide you onto the lift. If you are really uncomfortable about driving your vehicle onto the ferry, ask an employee and they will load it for you. It's definately an experience, so do it yourself if possible! The platform lowers two vehicles at a time down into the hold of the ship. Don't worry about the strength of this platform, it was designed to hold a full size military tank during war time. Your RV will load nicely.
The ship's hold is split into two sides and depending on the loading pattern, you could be placed on either side. When the lift reaches the bottom, it rotates 90° and then an AMHS employee will give you directions as you back down the hold to your parking spot. Once you are in your parking spot, put the vehicle in park, set the emergency brake, and turn off the engine.
After your vehicle is parked, walk (or take the elevator if necessary) to the top level and enjoy the view. If the weather doesn't cooperate, use the observation lounge, resteraunt, or upper level shelter. There's nothing like a warm, sunny day on the top deck of Tustumena during a crossing . . .

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